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Since the independence of Cuba from Spain with the help of the USA at the end of the 19th century, the USA was taking over business in Cuba. Numerous foreign entrepreneurs, mainly from the USA, did believe in new possibilities for investments that were protected and supported by their government. However this changed on 1st of January 1959, when Fidel Castro celebrated his famous “triumph of the revolution”. Shortly after, the revolutionary government nationalised all enterprises in Cuba and foreign entrepreneurs did receive compensation.
In that time period Hershey had already built up considerable fortune. On his search for a guaranteed sugar supply for his chocolate production he travelled to Cuba. In the year 1916 his „Hershey Chocolate Corporation“ bought on the north coast of Cuba large estates for the cultivation of cane sugar. He built a total of five sugar mills some 45 km east of Havana, about halfway between the capital and the small town of Matanzas, notably the two most important ports on the Cuban coast facing the USA. The flagship factory was built in 1920 and named after himself "Central Hershey".
Today „Hershey“ is one of the leading food corporations in the world. Hershey chocolate is available in any shop today in the USA.