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For the transport of the sugarcane to the Central and the sugar to the ports, each Central used its own train and railway system. Due to this fact you will find in Cuba still today an ample network of tracks where steam- and diesel locomotives are running.
However Milton Hershey preferred to build a more modern electrical railway. The Cuban government gave him permission under the conditions that he should open up the until the 1920’ies badly connected North coast between Havana and Matanzas as well with a single track for the transportation of passengers and to operate it on his own expenses. Hershey agreed and so Cuba received its own electrical train. From the USA second hand Brill-Wagons were imported that already served in many American cities as daily commuting trains. Today the more than 80 years old wagons are until recently the most important means of transportation on the North coast for the locals. Then Spain donated Cuba a more modern electro train from the 1970’ies and since these days most of the historical cars disappeared.
Unfortunately only few of the historical motor coaches were conserved. Today they are being used as chartered trains for historical journeys through the coastal landscapes. A journey with the „Trans Hershey“ is a unique and unforgettable experience, where the participants will relive a part of the real Cuban lifestyle. The Hershey-Trains continues to have old fashioned sliding windows and there is no air condition. In order to even have a better feeling of the real Cuban climate an open-air car has been built and on this one one you can even dance Salsa.