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The village of Hershey is a site of great historical and cultural value. The place does have much touristic potential and could cover the interests of the tourists with themes of cultural travel and education, also satisfying the individual needs during a vacation: „Authenticity and individuality are the mega trends in tourism“.
A group of entrepreneurs proposes the restoration and transformation – within the respect of the old structures – in an industrial theme park that will not only be an industrial museum, but rather become a place where the tourists can see and experiment the history of the sugar cane production with all the many stages of processing. This sustainable project is also focusing and giving priority to the local trade (food supply, manufacturers, souvenirs, etc) in the different touristic installations.
The park will offer the visitors various options of activities, excursions and also lodging opportunities in different categories for an ideal stay of up to three days as well as Restaurants and Bars. There will also be options for sports and recreation (Golf course, Wellness, Cycling, Beach club in Jibacoa) Concerts, theatre and an event hall.


There is no other similar industrial park in Cuba or Latin America
The sugar mill was the most important one in the country and the last with this kind of technology operating
There is still the old village (Batey) with great historical value (only Model Town remaining)
The village has its own and only functional electric train in Cuba and Latin America (the Trans Hershey train with locomotives and cars of this era and original equipment)
Great variety of excursions in the surrounding areas and beaches
Excellent location between the two biggest touristic centers of the country
If you are interested to learn more about the project and its investment opportunities, please contact:
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